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"Tango en skaï" by Roland Dyens

OK, this is going to be a brief post. I'll be sharing some info that I recently read in a book about "Tango en skaï" by Roland Dyens. The book is "A Concise History of the Classic Guitar" by Graham Wade. Great book, short, easy to read and will give you a lot information.

So, this is what the book says: "Though a prolific composer, Dyens became best known for his Tango en skaï, begun as an improvisation in 1978 and not published until 1985. This work soon assumed the role that Villa-Lobos's Choros No.1 or Lauro's Venezuelan Waltz No.3, once occupied in recitals - a pleasing and witty encore. Dyens said of the piece: "Skaï in French means imitation leather, maybe worse than bad plastic! It has to be played with a lot of humor, a maximum of dynamics and a minumum of rubato. Not at all 'classico-seriously'!"

There you have it! No rubato, maximum dynamics and a lot of humor. Ultimately, this is what is all about, enjoying what you play!

Best to all!

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