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Guitarists Survival Kit

How many of us have been performing and all of a sudden a string breaks? I believe we’ve all had those moments when everything is fine and something happens that disrupts our performance. Well, some time ago I was reading at David Russell’s web page, and look into his tips for guitarists, and found a post that he calls  “First Aid Kit for Guitarists”. I found it very valuable for me as a performer and I want to share that information with you. So, this post is a repost of the items he suggests should be in the kit for guitarists.

This is, by no means an original post of mine and if you want to read the original, please visit David Russell’s web page:

He speaks about what are important things to carry everywhere you go for a performance in case an emergency happens. He suggests carrying a small little bag as the kit.

The kit should include:

  • Set of strings

  • String winder

  • Nail files

  • Nail clippers

  • Small scissors

  • Filling paper of several grades

  • A capo

  • A nail construction set – A Ping-Pong ball and super glue

  • A pen, pencil and eraser

  • Tuner or tuning fork

Hope you find it as valuable as I did, and be ready for any emergency at performance time, they happen!

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